Enabling Role of the Public Sector in Urban Housing and Regeneration: converging and diverging experiences in Asia and Europe

ASEF-European Alliance Annual Workshop Series 2003/2004

Enabling Role of the Public Sector in Urban Housing and Regeneration: converging and diverging experiences in Asia and Europe

 Co-organised by:
Centre for Analysis of Social Exclusion, LSE (UK)
Centre for Social Policy Studies, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (China)

Beijing, 12 ¡V 14 July 2004

Update information on preparation progress

Workshop Topics and Programme
After review of submitted abstracts and workshop structure, the organisers have made small modifications to the workshop themes and topics in order to promote more lively discussions. There are now three themes, one theme to be covered in each day, and each theme consists of three topics. Two presenters are assigned for each topic, one presenting European experiences and the other presenting Asian experiences. Please find the attached document to view the modified themes and topics along with a tentative workshop programme.

Each session lasts 80 minutes, and each presentation is to take 15 minutes (not more than 20 minutes at the most) in order to secure time for discussion in a given session.

Assignment of Discussants
Each participant is expected to contribute as a presenter and/or discussant. One discussant is going to be assigned for each paper, and will be from a region different from the presenter: for example, if a paper presenter is from Europe, the discussant will be chosen from participants from Asia. The role of the discussants is to critically assess the contents of a presentation for 5 minutes, and to lead the discussion during each topic session. The selection of discussants is to be completed once the organisers receive all papers (Paper deadline: 31st May 2004).

Invitation Letter from CASS for Participants¡¦ Visa Application
The organisers aim to provide the invitation from CASS for VISA application by 15th May so that any participants who require a VISA to enter China would be able to apply for one in their home country.

Workshop Venue
The workshop is going to take place at Zhengxie Convention Centre, located within 10-minute walking distance from CASS in inner Beijing. The Convention Centre has an agreement with CASS to be used for such purposes, and offers favourable price for the use of their conference room facilities. The Convention Centre also runs a hotel on site, and has agreed to offer favourable room tariff (almost 50% of usual room rate in inner Beijing) as we use their service facilities.

Please find the updated full list of participants as attached.

Book Publication Preparation
Prof Anne Power, the UK initiator, has made an initial contact with a publisher who has shown an interest of publishing workshop papers in a book format, and is in preparation of a book prop

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